Our Social Media Manager, explains the qualities of Instagram’s functionality and how numbers become our biggest bet to understand the behavior of our content.

A powerful tool came into our lives for the users of companies or personal brands that live, manage and react thanks to the impressions and interactions of their beloved and beloved followers. The announcement of the arrival of the company profiles at the beginning of 2016 was as surprising as necessary – and in many cases – the magic key to finish taking advantage of the platform and maximize our Instagram strategy.

The numbers are important. The world is moving more and more strongly for the analytics and knowledge that the application gives us since late August of last year becomes a gigantic impulse to understand how, when and why of the behavior of our content within the platform. Instagram statistics provide companies with information about followers and impressions as well as data related to the operation of the publications and the behavior of the profile.


Social platforms are renewed quickly, must adapt to the needs of users and the environment. Therefore, in addition to providing multiple features such as archiving, deactivating comments, reacting with a like, commenting, mentioning or saving publications also provides us with a section dedicated to the digital behavior of our profile through statistics.

What are statistics?

They are numeric data that give you information about who your followers are, how often you connect to the Internet and much more. You can also see the behavior of the publications that you have created, beyond likes or comments, to learn about their performance and how followers interact with them.

Instagram places at our disposal variables that I will try to explain to them as simple as possible so that they can sympathize with them and become analysts of their own accounts. Here is a little review or legend of the basic terminology:

Impressions Number of times your publications have been viewed.
Scope. Number of people we are reaching
Views. The number of times they have visited your profile or have seen your video.
Engagement There are infinite definitions for such a majestic word, I like to define it as the degree of love and relationship that a certain person has towards your brand. The loyalty of your users is the best bet to invest and accept that being in social networks is worth it!
There are different formulas to calculate engagement, do not wrap yourself up and look for the one that best suits you. In SocialGest we have the availability of metrics where you can observe the progress of your social networks and know the statistics of your Instagram account and we provide you the analytics of engagement.

Followers Number of people who follow the profile on Instagram.
Instagram, segment the search by days of the week and the behavior of users with their peaks during the best days. It is important that you observe how the bars behave according to the case and analyze how I can achieve that on Thursday at 07:00 at night, for example, get two or three more followers thanks to the interactions that my followers carry out and the scope it could achieve.


In addition, the platform provides specific data such as gender, locations by country and city, and age range segmented into three categories: general, men and women. This information is extremely useful when you want to generate content thought of in your audience. On the other hand, if your strategy is designed to generate content for another type of audience, here you can have a sense of how you are progressing and if you are achieving the proposed objectives.

The star question: what is all this for?

Basically knowing in depth how your Instagram account behaves will help you to focus your goals according to the interests of your audience. Through the numbers you will know what kind of content or days in which your followers like to interact with greater force or what tactics will allow you to achieve better results.

These simple numbers will also help you to seduce and fall in love with a potential client. There is the saying that says “eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel”. In the digital environment, the same thing happens, they want to see results, and not only demonstrated in likes or comments. His interpretation is vital for any management in the area of ​​Social Media. A coherent management report that speaks for itself is governed by the results that reflect your tactics and strategies.

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