Ok, I’ve already convinced you that working from home on the Internet is cool … and a lot.

But of course, it’s not that easy.

In fact, if you work on your own from home, everything is much more difficult than if you do it with a “comfortable” employment account.

When I say “comfortable” I mean that, in many occasions, the risks and responsibilities that you have in your position are much lower than those you have as your own boss.

Working from home everything depends on you.

I have been working for a while (and earning my own salary) from home and what has cost me.

You have to learn to live with yourself and, although previously we saw many positive things, being your own boss is more difficult than it seems from the outside.

To help you start and guide you a little, I will give you 9 tips that I would have liked to know when I first sat down to work online.

They are the best? The worst? I do not know, but they are the ones I give to anyone who wants to start their own business venture at home.

1º Create your own working hours

Okay, I know I said that working from home gives you the freedom to work whenever you want, but that does not mean that every day you have to work at different times without any sense.

Create a work schedule and try to fulfill it.

For example, I have always liked to work at night, but I discovered that I was much more productive in the early hours of the morning.

For this reason, today I get up at 6:30 in the morning and, after training or doing sports, I start working very early.

Do I keep the schedule every day? No. But the vast majority.

Without a schedule you will end up working untimely, distracted, leaving things undone and wasting a lot of time.

You can skip it someday, but try to fulfill everything you can and get better results.

2nd Eliminates distractions

Working at home can mean an exponential increase in the number of distractions.

It is worth not having your partner or your boss giving you the stick, but you can have “too much” freedom.

For example, if you live at home with your family you have to make them understand that, even if you are at home, you are working.

Otherwise, everyone will distract you and they will enter your small office when it seems appropriate.

There are also many other distractions on the Internet and, above all, if you work in the world of online marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, a blog, a news portal … Everything is distracting!

When you work, close everything and focus.

And teach everyone who lives with you to understand that if the door of your room or office is closed is that you are working.

The sooner you understand it the longer you will save yourself.

In the same way, for those of us who work in digital marketing, this online world also involves you and can get absorbed in superfluous tasks or unimportant activities.

And without forgetting the classic gossip in some social networks that are not relevant.

For this reason, another way to be more productive can also be to set a few guidelines and hours a day to check your profiles on social networks.

3º Take care of your productivity

I started being a complete disaster in terms of schedules and productivity.

Really, it was criminal how badly I managed my schedules and how unproductive it was.

Until one day I said “this is over” and I focused on improving my productivity.

The result? I work less and I do much more. But much, much more. And I even work better.

4th Use tools and delegate tasks to other professionals

Time is worth money and, when you work from home, it is worth it even more.

In a job you usually charge the same thing do 100 things in 8 hours or do 2 in those 8 hours.

Working from home, every hour counts, every minute can be a job of more or one less.

And unfortunately, the number of tasks increases greatly with respect to paid work.

For example, if you are self-employed and work from home you have to keep your own accounts.

That’s what benefits you? In no way, it is a waste of time, so, I recommend delegating it to a company, a manager or someone you trust and pay for it.

Think about it, if you pay € 50 a month for your advice and save 5 hours a month, you are making money.

With which you will charge € 11 / hour (I do not recommend charging for hours) or you will take less than 1 hour to generate € 11 profit you would be earning.

When you work from home, time is the most valuable resource.

Learn to delegate and use payment tools to reduce the time you take to do some tasks and even to get rid of others.


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5th Make yourself visible (really)

If you want to work in the world of online marketing you have to be visible and with visible I do not mean having a profile on Twitter, Google+ and an Instagram account, far from it.

I mean, above all, to have a blog where you show what you know how to do, for me a blog is the epicenter of the success of an Internet marketing professional.

It is better to have a blog in conditions, than to be all day publishing and sharing things on social networks.

A good post can give you a thousand times more reach than 50 or 60 tweets.

And not only will it reach you, but it will give you authority and will help you to strengthen your personal brand.

In a world in which, as I said before, there is saturation in all markets, personal branding is the solution to differentiate yourself.

You do not even have to have a blog with more than 50,000 visits per month.

I know dozens of professionals who have blogs with a small community, 4,000-5,000 visits per month and who live from that blog.

My blog has an average of less than 4,000 visits per month.

However, I managed to get a salary thanks to him and I get new job offers day after day.

Do not obsess with generating thousands and thousands of visits, obsession with generating quality visits to convert the maximum number of visitors to possible clients of your services, infoproducts or affiliated products.

6º Do not become a statue

Working online has a small great danger to health: sedentary lifestyle.

When you get used to working from home, you can reach the moment when you spend the day sitting in front of the PC. Try to avoid it at all costs.

I am a very delicate person with injuries and I have several.

In fact, I have come to doubt for years what sport is healthy, for that reason, hours and hours in front of the PC are not the best for my body.

When I started working from home, I would spend up to 12 hours sitting here.

The result? Back pain, eyestrain, headaches and a nice weight gain.

The solution? Easy: do sport.

I recommend getting up very, very early and that is the first thing you do in the day. For me it’s the best time, it takes away from making excuses like “today I do not have time” and prioritizes the important: your health.

And when you’re on the PC, take breaks, get up, stretch your back, stretch your arms and do not leave your neck stiff as a rock.

I use Focus Booster to remind me that, every 25 minutes, I have to stop and move.

It does not matter that you do a flex, that you go down to play with your dog or that you get up and walk for a while.

What matters is getting up, activating the organism and saying “hey, do not fall asleep with so much chair”.

Also, from time to time give yourself the pleasure of giving yourself a massage.

I have, within my personal budget, a part dedicated to health care through training and physiotherapy. And I do not regret the expense.

7º Learn to say no

The “no” is the most difficult word to say and at the same time the most useful for anyone who wants to work online and earn money from home.

If you do not learn to use it on time, go by saying goodbye to having a life.

At the beginning, when you start your journey in the world of online marketing, it is normal to say yes to everything.

Charge just enough to “get experience”. It’s normal, almost all of us have done it.

Of course, there comes a time when you have to stop, rethink everything and start saying no.

For example, I started working as a personal brand consultant, but finally I saw that my market was in the world of copywriting.

What did I do? I discarded all future work as an advisor, delegated them and focused almost exclusively on the creation of texts and content.

I do not regret and, despite having let some clients go, I generate more than if I were diversified.

Stop giving favors to everyone, give a plus for your work, but do not end up giving 100 times more than what they ask because the client tells you that they are “5 minutitos”.

Charge more if you have less availability.

The growth in online marketing is like this, if you do not learn to control it, you can die of success.

I know people who can not cope with their work and who, because they do not use the no, earn half the money they could earn and work twice as long.

8º Collaborate with other professionals

The world of online marketing is one of the most collaborative that exists.

In other jobs the competition comes to hatred and the junk is thrown away, but here many are helped even being part of that competition.

Working from home does not mean not relating or meeting new people.

Relate, comment on blogs, exchange tweets, do interviews and call other professionals to do the same as you and share opinions with them.

Work from home in this world can be solitary if you do not relate.

Normally no one understands what you do in your close circle and you will lack people to talk about topics such as SEO, content marketing or copywriting.

To me, sometimes I have spent hours talking with people from this world, either through Hangout, mobile, Facebook chat or private Twitter messages.

9º Be careful with the email

This point could go into productivity, but I prefer to separate it.

Email can be your biggest enemy and can turn a normal workday into a complete disaster.

Set schedules to open the email, learn to know what are the good times to answer and which are not.

Avoid kilometric emails, use more mobile and try to reduce the time in front of the damn Gmail.

Not only do you have to educate yourself with the email, but the rest of the people who work around you.

Especially explain that you do not look at the email every 5 minutes and that if they have an urgent need to call you on the phone.

If there comes a time when the email overflows, think about looking for someone to help you solve the problem.

You will not be the first nor the last one who hires a secretary to take the mail.

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