Makeup. A highly striking product, but without attractive content, with presence in social networks do not provide added value.

Its social function is inherent to the type of content that is shared.

And in matter of content there are colorful and widely educational themes such as: makeup.

Instagram has more than 800 million active accounts every month, and 80% of the accounts are companies in this social network.

But what motivates us to follow or not an account? Its content and added value that adds to our life.

makeup social networks

In that sense, it becomes important to withdraw a bit from the dynamics of social networks and give it a slightly more “critical” view.

What do accounts related to makeup have in common?

The hashtag makeup has 146,041,585 and it has 4,477,788 on Instagram.

Some important numbers to use and capture interested in the subject.

It is almost miraculous to watch tutorial videos of make-ups made in 12 seconds.

See recommendations of certain products, and the use of brands that give people with a sustained credibility in social networks.

How to make up in 12 seconds or less? What type of makeup to use?

What are the pigments that are fashionable? All these questions respond through a social network.

The current follower does not just want to entertain, he wants to learn.

Characteristics of Makeup accounts in social networks

Much of the makeup accounts are devoted to making tutorials in the complete realization of a composition or explaining the specific use of a product.
Before and after.
It is common to find photos of the step a step of makeup where you can appreciate the change of image, after the makeup.

Product recommendation. For those who follow this type of accounts, it is not only essential to learn how to put on makeup, it is also important to know the characteristics of these most used products and those that are trend.
Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

To position the account is a very common option to publish makeup photos made to personalities. Which generates trust and credibility for the account.
Everyone wanted to be served by those who work for celebrities.


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Motivational messages A factor shared by other accounts but works to capture the attention of all public.
Stories are a great tool to set the pace for makeup.
More than a tutorial, it has become a live course for makeup fans.

Makeup accounts are fantastic for their educational characteristics. It is a very colorful learning niche.

Recommendations for a makeup account on social networks

A professional photo is essential, which has an excellent resolution or an attractive logo
that is consistent with the graphic image that they wish to transmit

Try to have valuable information in your biography for your followers:
name, occupation, phone, mail, web page

Let your audience know why you should read and follow you, this can be made clear through a content strategy that presents your presence in the digital environment and differentiates you from the competition.
In this social networking strategy, he establishes a calendar of daily publications in his accounts.
Remember that social networks have a character that seeks to be interactive and you only get it by sharing that valuable information that you have in your mind.

If you are going to share information about the safe type products, is not it?
To increase the interaction you can tag in your publication the brand in question.


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If you talk about makeup, remember that you talk about skin.
So, a good content strategy can include skin care, before and after makeup.

As we can see there are some recommendations.

Although there are meeting points in some accounts that have content on the same subject, remember.

The idea is to generate a different and captivating strategy.


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