We live in hectic times. There are many elements that attract our attention: work, studies, the couple, family, Internet, cell phone, social networks, in short, twenty thousand things that, simultaneously, ask you to dedicate a part of your valuable time.

That is why you must organize to take care of everything around you. And also, for that same reason, users on the Internet – whether on social networks, on the web page, in emails – are very fast. They look for information in seconds and expect instant answers. When we are on the Internet (especially using the cellular data plan) we are impatient and quick, we do not like to wait. Anything that takes more than a few seconds or minutes, we discard. Time is money (and megas cost money).

Of this they realized the social platforms and of sales by Internet. Therefore, now you see that Facebook shows two values ​​related to the response time:


Response rate:

Percentage of responses in relation to the total number of questions / comments made by users.
Response time: Average of the time it takes to answer the Fan Page to the messages of the users (“Respond in minutes”, “1 hour”, etc.)
Mercadolibre.com is a recognized e-commerce site. It has evolved a lot since its inception. Among the improvements that have been implemented in recent years is the incorporation of typical social network functions: the likes (previously called putting an article “in the crosshairs”); the questions and answers section now uses the comment icon. To make matters worse, the useful scheme of sellers’ reputation to inspire confidence in the platform, Mercadolibre now also highlights the average response time of the seller in each of its publications. So the prospective buyer has an idea of ​​how long he should wait for his question to be answered.

There is an inversely proportional relationship between the two variables and is as follows: The shorter the waiting time, the greater the probability of a conversion (a sale). In addition, there is the satisfaction of the follower, client, user, before your doubt or query. If you want to sell then you must act ASAP (as fast as possible). Responding to untimely is one of the frequent mistakes of Community Managers.

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